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Astro Plus Dry Clean At Home With Advance Cleaning Technology, India's No.1 Cleaning Agent 10 Wipes

Astro Plus Dry Clean At Home With Advance Cleaning Technology, India's No.1 Cleaning Agent 10 Wipes

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  • - Dry Clean at Home by Astro Plus wipes are pH balanced and have No Enzymes & No Bleach that helps retains the shine of the silk and protect the embellishments.

    - Dry Clean at Home by Astro Plus wipes is an expert range of fabric wash wipes that have been expertly designed to take care of your special clothes

    - Can be used for a variety of fabrics including silks, chiffons, georgettes, cotton, woollen and crepes

    - Low foam technology avoids over-rinsing and prevents damage to delicate fabrics. Scent name: Multi-Fragrance. Material Type Free: Bleach Free

    - Silk is a natural protein that is as sensitive as the human skin! Dry Clean at Home by Astro Plus wipes is formulated to be gentle and maintain your silk clothes

    - Maintains fabric strength and the colour of the fabric. Organic: No. women's any home..

Machine Use
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  • 10 Wipes
  • 50 Clothes
  • Machine & Bucket Wash
  • 20 Minutes
  • At affordable rate
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Bleach Free
  • Yes
Toxic Free
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Dermatology Tested
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Why Use Dry Clean At Home By Astro Plus Wipes For Premium Clothes?

While There Are Many Reasons To Wash Your Clothes With Dry Clean At Home By Astro Plus Wipes, The Most Important Reason Is To Prolong The Life Of Your Garments While Keeping Them Looking Their Best. One Of The Properties Of Dry Cleaning Wipes Is That It Is Much Gentler Than Using Mild Detergents. Another Property Is That It Cleans Odour, Body Oil And Stains Out Of Garments..


Cotton Has Been Cultivated For Over 5000 Years Now And Is The Most Used Fibre As Compared To Other Fabrics. Cotton Fibres Are Almost Pure Cellulose Which Is Most Often Spun Into Thread And Used To Make Soft, Breathable Fabrics. The Enzymes In Harsh Detergents Attack The Natural Cellulose (Protein) Of Cotton Causing Colour Fading, Pilling And Fuzzing In Soft Cotton. Dry Clean At Home By Astro Plus Wipes Is An Expert Range Of Fabric Wash Wipes Designed To Take Care Of Your Special Clothes, It Is Hand Crafted To Prevent Colour Fading And Pilling Of The Fine Cotton. It Is Specially Designed To Keep Your Fine Cotton Looking Smooth, Soft, And New For Longer. The Anti-Colour Fading Formula Not Only Prevents Colour Bleeding From The Fabric But Also Maintains The Brightness Of The Colours. The Anti-Pilling Formula Protects The Fabric So That You Don’t.T See Any Bobbles On Your Fine Cotton Clothes. The Next Time You Flaunt Your Kalamkari Or Block-Printed Beautiful Kurti Remembers To Care For It As Well With A Gentle Hand And Machine Wash By Dry Clean At Home By Astro Plus Wipes. It Cares For The Delicate Thread Work, Maintains Intricate Weaves, And Retains Almost All Kinds Of Dyes.


Did You Know That Wool Is A Type Of Natural Protein That Needs Expert And Gentle Care? Dry Clean At Home By Astro Plus Wipes Has Been Customised Made To Take Extra Care Of Your Favourite Woollen Clothes, Be It Your Fine Knit Sweaters Or Trendy Cardigans! This Product Is Carefully Designed With Ph Neutral Formula, Thereby Maintaining The Fabric's Lustre. It Keeps Your Precious Woollens Looking Newer For Much Longer. The No Enzymes And No Bleach Formula Of This Expert Care Liquid Detergent Cares For Delicate Fibres, Preventing Shrinkage Of Your Woollens And Retains New-Like Shine. The Low Foaming Formula Avoids Over Rinsing And Keeps It Looking Like New


Silk Being The Most Delicate Form Of Fibre Requires Extreme Care In Maintaining It. The Silk Clothes Are As Sensitive As A Human Skin Subject To Quick Damage If Not Washed With Special Detergents Providing Gentle Care. Dry Clean At Home By Astro Plus Wipes Has Been Specially Created Considering These Needs And Has Worked Extremely Well Silk Kurta And Dupatta. The Chemical Balance Of Ph Being Neutral Without Any Enzymes And Bleach Ensures That There Is No Colour Loss While Washing. I Would Truly Recommend This Product As It Is A Special Product To Take Care Of Our Special Clothes.

How To Use It In Bucket Wash

Place One Wipe In 10 Litres Of Water And Mix It Well Adds Clothes And Soak For 5 Minutes. Rub Lightly With Your Hand Or Brush Drain Normally And Dry In The Shade

How To Use It In The Washing Machine

Place One Wipe In Your Washing Machine Drum Before Loading The Washing. Use One Wipe In 10 Litres Of Water And Two Wipes In 20 Litres Of Water (Select Your Usual Washing Cycle). Remove Garments Immediately After The Dryer Cycle Has Stopped And Dried In The Shade. Enjoy Clothes With Our Clean Fresh And Ready To Wear.